About this guide

This guide contains information about Nexus functionality that is likely to be of interest if you are already familiar with the basic procedures described in the Vicon Nexus User Guide.

For instructions on configuring your Vicon system within Nexus and on the basic tasks that are part of the everyday Nexus workflow, see the Vicon Nexus User Guide.

About Vicon Nexus documentation

The following documentation is available with Nexus, both as help pages available online and as PDFs that you can download from docs.vicon.com:



What’s New in Vicon Nexus

Information about the main features that are new in the current version of Nexus.

Installing and licensing Vicon Nexus

Step-by-step instructions installing and licensing Nexus.

Vicon Nexus User Guide

Information about how to use Nexus.

Vicon Nexus Reference Guide (this guide)
Descriptions of less frequently used or more complex procedures, background information, and further details about the Nexus user interface.

Creating labeling skeleton templates (VSTs)

Instructions on how to create your own custom labeling skeleton templates for use with Nexus.

Plug-in Gait Reference GuideDetailed information on the Plug-in Gait model.

For additional documentation related to Nexus (for example PC Setup for Vicon Systems) and other Vicon documents, visit the

Downloads page of the Vicon website