The Vicon Tracker menu bar contains the following menus.






Undoes the last action. This command is available only after a relevant action has been performed.


Reinstates the previously undone action. This command is available only after an Undo command has been performed.


Closes the Tracker application window.

If you have not saved any changes, Tracker displays a prompt to enable you to save changes before it closes.


New Floating Workspace

Opens a separate floating view pane.


Displays or hides the Resources pane in which you manage the components of your Vicon Tracker system and the objects whose motion is to be captured. To display the pane, select the check box next to the option.


Displays or hides the Communications pane in which you view the state of your Vicon Tracker system. To display the pane, select the check box next to the option.


Displays or hides the Sounds dialog box. For more information, see Instant auditory feedback in What's New in Vicon Tracker.


Displays the Options dialog box in which you control the way data is displayed in view panes. The Options dialog box can also be displayed by pressing F7.


View Online Help

Opens the online Vicon Tracker Help system.

View User Guide

Opens a PDF of the Vicon Tracker User Guide that was installed with Tracker.

Check for Updates

Checks the currently installed version of Tracker and enables you to update it if necessary.

About Vicon Tracker

Displays the Vicon Tracker startup screen, in which you can view version information about the installed release of Tracker.

Vicon Product Licensing

Opens the Vicon Automated Unified Licensing Tool (VAULT), which enables you to manage licenses. For more information, see License Vicon Tracker.