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About Shogun 1.2

Shogun 1.2 is the second point release of Vicon’s entertainment market software.

It includes significant updates such as the introduction of custom skeleton solving, enabling game or film rigs to be driven and streamed directly in game engines; and support for SDI video cameras.

For a more detailed description, see New features in Vicon Shogun 1.2 or watch the videos in the playlist Shogun 1.2 - New Features, available on YouTube.

The Shogun 1.2 videos are also available on Vimeo.

This release also benefits from ongoing maintenance, with a large number of issues having been addressed (see Addressed issues in Vicon Shogun 1.2).

For information on requirements for installing and running Shogun, see PC requirements in Installing and licensing Vicon Shogun, visit the FAQ, 'What is the recommended computer specification to run my Vicon Shogun system' on the Vicon website, or contact Vicon Support.