This information is for Vicon Evoke 1.6. For up-to-date help, see the latest Evoke documentation.

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After you have created a character (see Create characters), you may want to change some of its attributes, such as its skin or the color used to display it in Evoke. You can also change the retarget file and the character's mesh.

Select the skin and color

By default, to enable pre-visualization of solve quality, new characters are displayed in the Workspace with the Vicon source skin. To enable you to identify the character more easily, you can select a male or female skin variant as well as a skin color.

To change a character's skin and/or color:

  1. Ensure the character whose skin or color you want to change is selected.
  2. In the Tracking panel, go to the Properties pane and in the General section, click Skin or Color.
  3. Select the required skin or color.

    To view the character's skin, you must calibrate the character (see Calibrate characters).

Select the retarget file and retarget skin

You can retarget the source skeleton to a suitable character skeleton for use in a game engine or visualization tool. You can also preview the character mesh in Evoke. Retargeting requires a retarget setup file (*.vsr) that has been created in the Vicon Retarget application (see Set up character retargeting).

You can choose the retarget file for the character when you first create the character (see Step 3 of Create characters), but you can change both the retarget file and select a retarget skin.

  1. In the Tracking tree, ensure the required character is selected.
  2. In the Properties pane, in the General section, from the Retarget menu, select the required file.

  3. From the Retarget Skin menu, you can also select a retarget skin for visualization in Evoke. For example you might have one retarget file for your character, but a number of different colored skins to represent each player.
    To display correctly, the retarget skin must have the same skeleton as the retarget setup.

Retarget files are found in this default location:


Installed retarget subject files are located by default in:

C:\Program Files\Vicon\Evoke1.#\Configuration\Retargets