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About Vicon Shogun 1.8

As the eighth point release of Vicon’s entertainment market software, Shogun 1.8 introduces a number of features and improvements that are all targeted toward enhancing existing VFX workflows.

If you make frequent use of props, you can expect to see time-savings made to your pipelines, as you can now add and remove individual prop markers without needing to recreate the entire object.

Retargeting receives the first in a series of planned improvements through automatic setup, which greatly reduces the amount of manual steps required when creating character retargets.

This release also sees the introduction of StretchSense integration, a heavily requested feature that enables you to import and merge data from Hand Engine directly onto your Vicon skeleton.

Improvements have also been made to various aspects of SDI support, Auto-Skeleton, and overall user experience, which you can read about in further detail in our release notes (PDF). 

Release video

This release also benefits from ongoing maintenance, with a number of issues having been addressed (see Addressed issues in Vicon Shogun 1.8).

For information on requirements for installing and running Shogun, see PC requirements in Installing and licensing Vicon Shogun.

For detailed information on PC requirements, visit the PC specifications page on the Vicon website or contact Vicon Support.

To find out more about Shogun 1.8, see: