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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.13. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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You manage the connection and configuration settings for supported analog devices included in your Vicon system architecture with the appropriate Devices sub-node on the System tab of the Resources pane.

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For information on force plates, see Force plate nodes.

Analog device node context menu

You can select the following options from the context menu displayed when you right-click on a sub-node for an analog accelerometer or EMG:

Zero LevelCalibrates the force plate. This process eliminates any significant offset between the force plate's nominal output levels at rest and its theoretical zero level. Select this option if, after setting the force plates to the electrical zero level, small differences remain between the theoretical zero level and the observed output level. This option is also available in the General Properties pane.
Remove DeviceRemove the device entry from the System resource tree.

You can select from a list of available outputs from the context menu that is displayed when you right-click on a Generic Analog sub-node. Nodes representing the outputs you select are added below the Generic Analog sub-node in the System Resources tree.

Analog EMG device node properties

You can configure settings in the following sections in the Properties pane for analog EMG devices:

General section

NameA user-defined display name for the device. Default: Blank
Delay Compensation (s)The delay compensation value (in seconds).
Many EMG systems, particularly new wireless systems, may introduce a small delay in transmission of data. This delay may cause a misalignment between Vicon frames of data and EMG frames of data. The Delayed Compensation slider bar enables you to correct this difference and properly align Vicon data with EMG data. To find the amount of delay for an EMG system. refer to the operating manual of the EMG system. If you can't find the value in the EMG manual, contact the EMG manufacturer.
All devices have a delay compensation value which adjusts the synchronization offset between the device and the Vicon data. Analog data collected with the MX Giganet should already be synchronized, so this value should be set at 0. Values can be set between -10 and 10.
Default: 0
Amplifier Gain (V)The voltage gain scale factor. Can be set between 1 - 1000. Default: Depends on device

Source section

SourceThe Vicon connectivity device to which the physical force plates device is connected.
From the drop-down list, select the correct one from the available analog option cards detected in your Vicon system architecture.
Default: None