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Capture.U 1.4 is the latest release of Vicon’s movement analysis software for biomechanical insights in the field. It works seamlessly with Vicon Blue Trident sensors to provide real-time data overlaid on video, enabling biomechanists, researchers, coaches and sports teams to analyze subject or athlete movement by assessing live information.

It includes a new Learn mode, which provides an interactive guide to help you learn and understand how to use Capture.U. In addition, a number of issues reported since the last release of Capture.U have been addressed.

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Watch the Vicon video Capture.U 1.4 - What's New? on YouTube.

New features in Capture.U 1.4

To use the Capture.U app 1.4, ensure you are using Blue Trident sensor firmware 10 or later. If you need to upgrade, use Capture.U Desktop 1.3.1 or later.

The latest version of the Capture.U app provides this new feature:

Note that Capture.U Desktop and the Blue Trident IMUs are unchanged in release 1.4.

For information on previous versions of the Capture.U app, see the relevant PDFs.

New Learn mode

A new Learn mode provides an interactive guide to help you learn and understand how to use Capture.U.

It features two components, Education and Practice:

  • Education
    The Education component helps you to find out more about IMUs. It is an interactive guide that explains how each sensor within an IMU works, and enables you to understand its outputs.

    It provides an introduction to the modules it contains and an overview of IMU technology, as well as dedicated modules for each sensor within an IMU: the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and global angles.

  • Practice
    The Practice component guides you through practical applications involving common human movements, and helps you to understand and analyze the outputs from an IMU.

For more information, see Explore Learn mode in the Capture.U User Guide.