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This information is for Vicon Nexus 2.12. For up-to-date help, see the latest Nexus documentation.

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The Label/Edit Tools pane enables you to manually label trial data and fill any gaps in trial data. It contains the following sections:

  • Subject You select the subject to manually label or edit in the Subject list at the top of the Label/Edit Tools pane. To appear in this list, the subject's node must be selected (ie, its check box must be selected in the Subjects tree in the Resources pane).
  • Manual Labeling You manually label reconstructed trial data for the selected subject using the controls in this section. For instructions, see Manually label a trial in the Vicon Nexus User Guide.
  • Backward, Whole, and Forward buttons. Label the currently selected trajectory either for the whole trial, or backward or forward from the current frame. Use Whole if you are confident that the trial data contains very few mislabels or swaps. Use Backward or Forward to label the trial data backwards or forwards from the current frame, without affecting other frames.

    When you are manually labeling a subject, to help you place the selected label onto the correct 3D reconstruction, in the 3D Perspective view pane the pointer changes to include a tooltip that identifies the label. You can also use the Subject Viewer to help you identify the markers (see Subject Viewer).
  • Auto advance selection When selected, Nexus automatically advances to the next marker in the Manual Labeling list. Default: Selected
  • Find Next Unlabeled Trajectory When you click this button, Nexus advances to the next frame that contains an unlabeled marker trajectory.
  • Swap Marker Labels To correct swapped marker labels, select the relevant two marker trajectories and then click this button.
  • Gap Filling Enables you to identify and fill gaps in reconstructed marker trajectories. See also the FAQ What gap-filling algorithms are used in Nexus 2? on the Vicon website.