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This topic provides information relating to the EU Declaration of Conformity (Vicon Vero system).

Conformity of the Metrological Performance of CLASS 1 Products Manufactured in Accordance with
Annex VII, Section 5 of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC of 14th June 1993.
As amended by EU Council Directive 2007/47/EC of 5th September 2007.

We, Vicon Motion Systems Limited
Unit 6, Oxford Industrial Park
Mead Road, Yarnton, Oxford, OX5 1QU

declare that the VICON Vero System manufactured by VICON MOTION SYSTEMS LIMITED has been tested prior to shipment and meets the following metrological performance:

Measurement criteria

  • Supporting software Nexus 2.10 or later, and Tracker 3.8 or later, Shogun 1.4 or later.
  • Using a minimum of four cameras, resolution of the distance between the centers of two static 14 mm spherical markers located within a volume no less than 4 m x 4 m x 1.5 m to within 1 mm Mean; 1 mm Standard Deviation; sample size no less than 1,000.

Analogue digital conversion

Resolution to ± 10 mV mean and ± 10 mV (1 Standard Deviation).


Difference within one video frame.