This information is for Vicon ProCalc 1.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest ProCalc documentation.

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Vicon ProCalc 1.5 is a point release that provides features and enhancements in addition to those that were included in earlier releases of ProCalc.

ProCalc 1.5 new features and functions

ProCalc 1.5 enables you to analyze Theia3D process data to generate joint kinematics. It provides a Theia scheme which generates the joint segments, bones and modeled data that can be run in Nexus 2.12 or later. It also provides a Theia Skeleton display option to enable you to visualize the Theia data.

Addressed issues

  • ProCalc now correctly calculates a selected point projected onto a plane.
  • ProCalc now correctly calculates a selected line that is the intersection of two planes.

Known issues

Poor GUI layout on high-DPI displays.Right-click on the shortcut, then select Properties > Compatibility, and click Change high DPI settings. Select Override high DPI scaling behavior and set to System (Enhanced).
Context menus in the Data Management pane do not render correctly when high DPI scaling is overridden.

Use Nexus to modify the database structure. Use the keyboard shortcut M to mark trials.