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If your motion capture application requires more than 12 Vicon Vantage cameras, you must add one or more additional PoE+ switches.

A Vicon Vantage camera, Lock unit, and the Vicon Vantage host PC each connect to one Ethernet port on the PoE+ switch. This connection to the Vantage host PC carries all the control data as well as all the motion capture data from the cameras. Vicon video data is routed separately.

Each Vicon video camera requires two ports on a PoE+ switch:

  • One port powers the camera and carries the video data back to the PoE+ switch.
  • Because the data load can reach 95% of the total Gigabit bandwidth at high frame rates, you must allocate a second port to carry this video data back to an additional Ethernet port on the host PC.

For more information, see Vicon Vantage host PC and the PDF PC Setup for Vicon Systems, which explain how video data is routed correctly through the PoE+ switch. Note that the ports connected to host PC ports do not draw any power.

This table shows the number of 26-port PoE+ switches required to support various example systems. 

For further information on the requirements of different configurations, see the Vantage system diagrams.

For information on integrating an MX T-Series system with a Vicon Vantage system, see Integrate MX T-Series components into a Vantage system.