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This topic provides technical specifications for the Infrared strobe unit that is available for the Vicon Vantage cameras (V16, V8, V5):

All Vantage strobe units use surface-mounted LEDs, have a built-in temperature sensor, and are fitted with dedicated secondary optics to match the fitted lens.

Camera strobe (shutter) durations

The following table shows camera strobe duration for different specifications:

Maximum durationSpecification
0.5 msat 120 Hz progressive
0.25 msat 240 Hz progressive
0.125 msat 480 Hz progressive
0.0625 msat 960 Hz progressive

The strobe light-ring emits light once per video frame and is precisely aligned with the global shutter of the image sensor. The duration is controlled in the camera's strobe settings in your Vicon application software. The strobe intensity, which controls the duration of the light being emitted, can be adjusted in 1/1000 increments from zero through to the maximum allowed. When increasing the strobe intensity, remember that very fast motion produces more motion blur, so you may have to compromise between lens aperture and strobe intensity settings.

The total power drawn from the PoE+ source is the sum of the power drawn by the strobe and the camera itself. At a constant strobe intensity setting, the strobe power taken is proportional to the frame rate. Up to 120 fps, the strobe duration can be adjusted from zero to the maximum of 0.5 mS. In order not to exceed the allowable total maximum power taken, the strobe duration is automatically reduced as shown in the above table.

At frame rates above 120 fps, there will be a corresponding fall in light output and therefore a possible reduction in the distance that markers will be seen.

Infrared strobe specifications

The following table provides technical specifications and performance indicators for Vicon Vantage Infrared (IR) strobe units.

Strobe active source (AlGaAs LEDs)22
Wavelength850 nm
Strobe viewing angle (to half luminous intensity).Set by secondary optics56° and 70°
Time averaged radiance (in per array)128.89 1
Time averaged irradiance (in W.m-2)50.69 1
Maximum power consumption (per camera)24 W (running at 120 fps, maximum strobe setting)
RoHS compliantYes

Table notes

  1. Given the following assumptions:
    • Ideal overlap of radiation characteristics of array diodes
    • IEC 62471-1 classification distance is 200 mm
    • Ambient temperature is 25 degrees C.
    • Low visual stimulus at 850nm
    • Calculation is for >1000 seconds.