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Vicon Vantage accessories are motion capture consumables that you will use and replace as required.

The following table lists the accessories available for Vicon Vantage systems.

ScissorsCuts tape.
  Marker-fixing tape

Secures markers directly to a subject's skin. This double-sided tape is specially designed to adhere well to human skin without creating an allergic reaction. It can only be used once. The tape does not perform well if the skin becomes very wet with sweat. Under these circumstances, Vicon Motion Systems recommends the use of medical grade elastic strips.
  Micropore tapeTemporarily secures smaller markers to fingers. Some studios cut a small hole in a strip to poke the marker through, then wrap the remainder of the tape around a finger.
  Gaffer tapeSecures marker bases to objects or props, and enables you to mark out the edges and origin of the capture volume in the lab or studio to help capture subjects visually identify the perimeter.
TweezersEnables you to carefully apply markers to avoid transfer of fingerprints and smudges to the retroreflective markers.
Velcro roll/strips/dotsSecures marker bases to objects or props. Many studios keep these on props and then add/detach markers as required.
Vicon retroreflective markers in various sizes, such as: 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 6.4 mm, 9.5 mm, 14.0 mm, and 25.0 mmSmaller markers are typically used for facial, finger, or small object/prop capture.
Larger markers are typically used for general body or object/prop capture.
Additional marker sizes may be available.
Vicon PECS suit3x3 Motion Capture Suit, including hat, gloves, and booties
Vicon Rigid Bodies in three kits:
  • Full body kit
  • Hands and head kit
  • Object kit
Enable you to track and measure people and objects using a set of fixed, accurate markers. The markers are easy to apply and comfortable to wear, providing six-degrees-of-freedom tracking of human body segments or objects. Compatible with Vicon Tracker. For more information, see the Vicon Rigid Bodies User Guide PDF.

The number and type of accessories supplied depend on the Vicon application that you have ordered.

For details of the type and number of items supplied with your Vicon Vantage system, see the bill of materials accompanying your product shipment. If any items are missing on receipt, or if you require additional accessories later, please contact Vicon or your nearest agent or distributor.