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Before setting up your Vicon Vantage system, check that you have all the necessary components, which are described in this section.

For a list of components supplied with your specific Vicon system, see your shipment Bill of Materials.


Vicon Vantage cameras (V16, V8, V5)

Vicon optical cameras with custom-engineered sensors and lenses, high-power strobes, on-board processing, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and intuitive design. Available in high-performance resolutions up to 16 megapixels at 120 fps full-frame capture speeds.   

PoE+ switch

The supplied PoE+ switch provides the power source and connectivity for your Vicon Vantage system.

Vantage cameras require a PoE+ switch.

Vicon Lock units (via a PoE switch) and Vicon Vero and Vue cameras can also connect to a PoE+ switch.  

Vicon Lock unit

Vicon’s optional connectivity device for the Vantage system. The Vicon Lock unit (such as the Lock+, Lock Studio, or Lock Lab) synchronizes with your Vantage, Vero and Vue cameras. It also provides interfacing to third-party analog devices, timecode, genlock and sync out functionality.

Vantage host PC

A high-performance Vicon-supplied PC, enabling communications between the PoE+ switch and the installed Vicon application software. This is where you capture, view, and process the data from the Vantage system and any supported third-party devices integrated into it (Advanced spec PC illustrated).

Vantage cables

You can connect up a simple Vantage system consisting of 1–12 Vantage cameras and a PoE+ switch, to the Vicon Vantage host PC, using the supplied RJ-45 cables. Camera cables include a ferrite at the camera end only. If you are using one or more Vicon Lock+ units, or MX T-Series cameras with a Giganet, additional cables are supplied.   

Vantage calibration device

Vicon’s Active Wand calibration device makes it quick and easy to calibrate the Vantage cameras as well as video cameras, and your capture volume.

Software and accessories

Vantage accessories

Vicon motion capture consumables include marker fixing tape, arm and head bands, anthropometric measuring tools, Micropore and gaffer tape, Velcro, unique Vicon retro-reflective markers in a variety of sizes, Lycra® suits, and more. The consumables that are supplied depend on which items you’ve ordered with your Vicon system.     

Product installation download

Your Vicon Vantage installation files, available on the Vicon website, include your licensed Vicon application software and VAULT licensing software.