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This section describes the physical structure of Vicon Vantage cameras and their connection to a Vicon-supplied PoE+ switch.

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Camera rear panel

The following image shows the camera connection beneath the rear panel of a Vicon Vantage camera for connecting to a PoE+ switch.

The following single connection point is beneath the rear panel:

  • Gigabit Ethernet port
    RJ-45 socket. Held in the housing mechanism, a Vicon-supplied Cat 5e RJ45 Ethernet cable connects the Vicon Vantage camera to a PoE+ switch. The cable carries power, all data communications and sync.

Tripod mount

Both the underside and the top of the camera body contain mounting points, which have ¼" 20 UNC threaded holes. These are designed to match the common thread found on most tripod and wall mount fixing screws.

An optional mounting bracket that fits between the two mounting points is also available. This enables the camera to be mounted in various ways, for optimum positioning. It also provides a convenient way of handling the camera, avoiding touching the heat sinks, which may become warm during camera operation.

For safety and optimum performance, Vicon recommends that you use only stable tripods and wall mounts. For recommendations, contact your local Vicon office.