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You install your Vicon motion capture and analysis application software on the Vicon Vantage host PC. Vicon produces software for various applications including those in the life sciences, entertainment, and engineering fields. Vicon's software platforms for processing and capturing data include Vicon Nexus, Vicon Shogun and Vicon Tracker.

If you have implemented a distributed Vicon Vantage system architecture or client-server application, you may also have this Vicon motion capture and analysis software, or other Vicon or third-party data visualization, analysis, or manipulation software on a remote PC.

For further details on these Vicon software applications, including the versions providing support for specific Vicon Vantage hardware components, see the Vicon website.

For details on configuring Vicon Vantage cameras and data capture and processing through these Vicon software applications, see your Vicon software documentation.

Vicon software is licensed on the Vicon Vantage host PC. For details of the software licensing method, see the documentation supplied with your Vicon software.