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The following tables list the cables that can be used in an extended Vicon Vantage system and that are in addition to those described in Simple Vicon Vantage system cables.

You can use this information to identify the correct cables and connection points to use when setting up your Vantage system to include third-party devices such as analog capture devices, synchronized output devices, remote triggering devices, and genlock/timecode video devices.

For details of this type of system, see Extended Vicon Vantage system (add cameras and third-party devices).

Vicon Lock to PoE+ cable

Cable name / part no.Vicon Lock endPoE+ endDescription
Lock to PoE+ RJ45 cable (Cat 5e)
Vicon part no: 0470600

8-pin RJ-45 plug
(plugs into PoE socket)
8-pin RJ-45 plug
A Vicon-supplied, shielded RJ-45 Standard 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet network cable.

Vicon Lock to third-party devices cables

Cable name / part no.Vicon Lock endThird-party deviceDescription
OMNIMATE Signal connector (3.5mm) cable:
Vicon part no:
BEH007A D-25-M
(for AMTI Gen5, MSA-6 and OPT-SC amplifiers)

BEH008A D-15-M
(for Kistler 9865B amplifiers)

BEH009A D-37-M
(for Kistler 5233A2 amplifiers)

BEH012A D-15-M
(for Bertec amplifiers)
Weidmüller connector
(plugs into Analog Input (8 channels) x8)

Device dependent
Enables cables to connect to the 64 channels of analog capture. Each individual connector allows for eight connections to eight analog sources with their associated grounds.
A force plate can connect through one connector.
For information on how to make the connection, see Add analog capture devices to a Vantage system.
Phono (RCA) cable
(plus device-dependent plug)
RCA phono plug
(plugs into Sync Out (GPO) x8)
Device dependent
Enables connection to third-party devices that require synchronization or triggering.
Phono (RCA) cable
(plus device-dependent plug)

RCA phono plug
(plugs into Remote Control In Start and Stop x2)
Device dependent
Enables connection to third-party devices that can trigger (start and stop) capture.
BNC cable

BNC – 75 Ω (ohm)
(plugs into Broadcast Sync (VITC) In)

BNC – 75 Ω (ohm)
Enables connection to an external analog video source for genlocking to.
Analog SD bi-sync video may also carry VITC timecode in.
Male to Female XLR cable

XLR plug (male)
(plugs into LTC (Timecode) balanced In)

XLR plug (female)
Enables the connection of balanced LTC – In.
Note that for correct operation, a synchronized video signal must accompany this signal.
VESA Stereo In cable
Manufacturer: CUI Inc
Part no: MD-30 CP-2030-ND
(Digi-Key part no.)
VESA standard
IEC10764105 stereoscopic connection type
3-pin mini-DIN
(plugs into VESA Sync In)
Device dependent
Enables the connection of VESA Stereo devices for genlocking.

Lock to Lock cable

If you want to use an additional Lock in your Vicon Vantage system, you also need the following cable:

Cable name / part no.Vicon Lock endVicon Lock endDescription
Lock to Lock synchronizing cable
Vicon part no: BEH010A

3-pin plug
(plugs into Link Input/Output)
3-pin plug
(plugs into Link Input/Output)
Proprietary cable for synchronizing an additional Lock.
Mini cord connector with 3 male contacts.