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The following tables describe the cables (additional to those listed in Simple Vicon Vantage system cables) for connecting hardware components in an integrated Vantage system. You can use this information to identify the correct cables and connection points to use when setting up your Vantage system to integrate components from MX T-Series systems.

For details of this type of system, see Integrated Vicon Vantage system (with MX T-Series).

Vicon  Lock to MX Giganet cable

Cable name / part no.Vicon Lock endMX Giganet endDescription
Lock to Giganet synchronizing cable
Vicon part no:
BEH004A (1m)
BEH005A (20m)
BEH006A – 4-pair (1m)

3-pin plug
(plugs into Link Input/Output)

10-pin RJ45 plug
Vicon-supplied cable for synchronizing an MX T-Series Giganet system.

Vicon Lock to PoE+ cable

Cable name / part no.Vicon Lock endPoE+ endDescription
Lock to PoE+ RJ45 cable (Cat 5e)
Vicon part no: 0470600

8-pin RJ-45 plug
(plugs into PoE socket)
8-pin RJ-45 plug
A Vicon-supplied, shielded RJ-45 Standard 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet network cable.

When you integrate Vicon T-Series cameras and hardware into a Vantage system, you use cables from your existing architecture. For descriptions and uses of these other cables, see the Vicon T-Series documentation supplied with this system.