This information is for Vicon Shogun 1.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest Shogun documentation.

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Vicon Shogun 1.5 resolves a number of issues, including the selection listed here.

Issues addressed in Shogun Live

Issues addressed in Shogun Live 1.5.1

  • Selecting an option for the Sub-Sampling Divisor of a Vue camera no longer causes Shogun Live to stop responding.
  • Bump Sensitivity settings (in Accelerometer) persist after restarting Shogun Live for all cameras.
  • When setting up Vue cameras, Red Gain, Green Gain and Blue Gain settings (in Video Setup) now persist after restarting Shogun Live.
  • Camera Gain now persists when Shogun Live is restarted.
  • When you select a camera in the System panel, the Advanced properties now include the camera temperature.

Issues addressed in Shogun Live 1.5

  • You can now adjust a camera's Threshold in Control without issues.
  • When capturing MOV files, if you set Audio Payload to None, no audio track or metadata are saved, resulting in a correctly converted MOV file.
  • When the timecode source is removed, the timecode counter for the video input in the Data Capture panel no longer changes.

  • Right-click subject in Tracking panel now takes you to the folder specified in user preferences.
  • You can now change the color of a cluster after it's been attached to a subject.
  • Shogun Live now remembers the capture folder after Eclipse is closed.

Issues addressed in Shogun Post

Issues addressed in Shogun Post 1.5.1

  • You can now easily add constraints to a VSS.
  • When you select Auto-select markers for fill in the Fill Rigid dialog box, the selected markers are now filled during gaps.
  • Rigid Fill now fills gaps correctly at the start and end of the data.
  • Rigid Fill now produces a smooth in and out transition.

Issues addressed in Shogun Post 1.5

  • An issue with the way props were created in .mcp files from Shogun Live 1.4 has been resolved, so that you can now edit (eg, unlabel and fill) them as normal.
  • Props created in Shogun Post now label as expected in Live.
  • Running GetSelectedObjects() from now works correctly and no longer results in an inaccurate error.