This information is for Vicon DataStream SDK 1.11. For up-to-date help, see the latest DataStream SDK documentation.

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Vicon Datastream SDK 1.11 improves on the functionality of 1.10 with extended support for Python.

Updated plugins for Unity and Unreal engines are also available from the Vicon website.

Source code for the DataStream SDK is provided and is licensed under an MIT license agreement.

Download from the DataStream SDK page of the Vicon website.

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New features of Vicon DataStream SDK 1.11

This release includes the following new feature.

Updated support for High Speed mode 

High Speed mode data information, such as Sensor Mode type and other related functionality, can be received from the Datastream.

Simplified and extended Python support

The installation process for Python has been simplified and now provides options to select Python 2, Python 3, or both, as required.

Support has been extended to include Python 3.2 and later (from 3.8 only), as well as Python 2.7.

Tobii eye tracker support

You can now access eye-tracking data (with both Dikablis and Tobii Eye Trackers) from Nexus via the SDK so that you can perform offline analysis.

MATLAB support changed to use .NET 
Built-in MATLAB integration has been replaced by .NET, as Mathsworks support the use of .NET directly in MATLAB (
To make use of Datastream SDK 1.10 and later, update legacy MATLAB scripts to .NET.
To continue using native MATLAB integration, refer to support in Datastream SDK 1.9. 

Known issues in Vicon DataStream SDK 1.11

  • Grayscale data for High Speed mode is currently not supported.

Addressed issues in Vicon DataStream SDK 1.11

  • Frame number in the datastream client output is no longer offset by 1 from the frame in the Tracker timebar.
  • Example Python script correctly uses default server value if no --host argument is supplied.