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Improved Autocorrelate Events pipeline operation

Location: Pipeline Tools pane > Events & Timebar > Autocorrelate Events pipeline operation > Advanced Properties > Correlation Method

You can now choose the correlation method to automatically place events at the correct location in the time bar. check

To choose the required correlation method:

  1. With a trial loaded in Nexus, in the Pipeline Tools pane, either
    • Expand Events & Timebar and add the Autocorrelate Events pipeline operation to the current pipeline.
    • Select the Plug-in Gait Dynamic pipeline and then select the Autocorrelate Events operation.
  2. With Autocorrelate Events selected, in the Properties pane, ensure that Advanced properties are displayed and then click in the Correlation Method field to select from the options:

    • Legacy
      Maximizes sum(xy)/(sum(x^2)+sum(y^2))
    • Least Squares
      Minimizes sum(x^2-y^2)/n
    • (reproduces the behavior from Nexus 2.5 and earlier)
      Maximizes the value of:
      Image Added
    • Least Squares (default)
      Minimizes the value of:
      Image Added
    • Pearson Coefficient
      Maximizes the value of:
      Image Added
      WhereImage AddedPearson Coefficient
      Maximizes sum((x-<x>)(y-<y>))/sqrt(sum((x-<x>)^2) sum((y-<y>)^2))
      Where <x> indicates the mean of x over the sample range

  3. Ensure the other properties are as required and then run the pipeline.
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