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  1. In Vicon Shogun Live, make sure you are viewing 2D data from your cameras in one or more Cameras views. (To display the necessary layout, you can click the Load saved view list in the menu bar near the top of the Shogun window, then click System Setup.)

  2. Have someone wave the calibration device around in the capture volume and ensure you can see marker images moving in each Cameras view.
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  3. In the System panel, SHIFT+click to select all the cameras, go to the Optical Mode section below and adjust the following camera settings as necessary:
    • Gain: To start with, leave the setting at the default of 1x to ensure 2D marker images are bright enough to see clearly. If the markers appear too faint or if the cameras have trouble distinguishing them, adjust this setting.
    • Threshold: A good starting value is 0.2 to 0.3. This setting determines the minimum value at which data is registered by pixels on the camera sensor and considered for circle fitting. As this setting acts like a high-pass filter, reducing this value increases the data that can pass through the sensor.
    • Strobe Intensity: Adjust this setting to increase the effective brightness of the strobe and therefore the distance at which and clarity with which it is likely to illuminate. A good starting value is 1.0 (100%), which is why this is the default setting.