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For a description of the other features and enhancements that have been released since Nexus 2.0, see the PDFs What's New in Nexus 2.8, What's New in Nexus 2.7, What's New in Vicon Nexus 2.6, What's New in Vicon Nexus 2.5 and What's New in Nexus 2.4.

Image Added To watch Nexus videos and tutorials, visit , see the Nexus 2 tutorials playlist and the Nexus 2 How To playlist on YouTube.

Improved CGM2 workflow

Location: Pipeline Tools pane > Data Processing operations


On the default Data Management tab, a new Quality column displays data quality information about each trial.

To view the display quality information for data , if your trials:
  • Were captured in versions of Nexus
that are
  • earlier than Nexus 2.9, save the trial in Nexus 2.9 (eg, by running the Save Trial - C3D + VSK pipeline operation).
  • Include multiple subjects, you must select a single subject only.

The information displayed (from left to right) is:

  • Number of unused markers
  • Number of gaps in this trial.
  • Percentage of markers in this trial that are labeled.

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If you are using a custom scheme for the Data Management tab, you can either revert to the default layout or, to add a Quality column: