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Change firewall settings

If an alert similar to the following is displayed, you must change your firewall settings.

Do one of the following:

  • If possible, turn off the firewall entirely.


  • If your organization's security policy does not permit this:
    1. From the Start menu, enter allow an app through windows firewall and follow the instructions.
    2. Select Change settings, and select the checkboxes for your Vicon software to be allowed for Private and Public domains.
      If your Vicon software isn't listed, select Allow another app and navigate to the relvevant exe file in C:\Program Files\Vicon\<ViconProductName>.


  • If you don't have the necessary permissions to make these changes, contact your IT/IS department to obtain access.

Disable or stop anti-virus software

If you are still experiencing network issues, check whether or not any other anti-virus software is enabled that may scan the card traffic.

Disable or stop this from scanning the cards used for the Vicon system.