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  1. To see the currently available ports, open Network Connections (for a reminder of how to do this, see View the network ports ).
  2. To identify the ports, begin by plugging a live network cable into a port and note its position (for simplicity, it may be easiest to choose the port on the far right or the far left).
  3. Rename the identified port with the IP address you will assign to it:


    Image Added Tip
    For Vicon video cameras (Vue or Bonita), if your Vicon system already uses, use the next address ( for the I350 T4 instead of shown above. Number the remaining ports consecutively (that is,, and

    For a table that lists commonly used IP addresses for Vicon systems, see Standard Vicon system IP addresses.

  4. Move the network cable to the next port. Network Connections displays a red X to indicate that the unplugged port is now not connected, and a new one becomes connected. Enter the next IP address as the name of the second port:

  5. Repeat for all the ports.