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Calibration scaling

After you’ve calibrated the system in the usual way, for improved scaling across calibrations and a permanently fixed origin point, you can create a large custom calibration object from objects placed across the volume. You can then use this calibration object, coupled with using the Perform Rescale option, for subsequent setting of the system origin. This improves calibration stability and consistency over time.

For more information, see Scale calibration and set a fixed origin in Getting started with VIcon Vicon Evoke.

Control system health metrics from the Processing panel

You can now enable and disable the production of live system health metrics and reports from the System Utils section of the Processing panel.

Note that disabling Enable Live System Health also disables auto bump healing.

See also System health reports via API.

Optimize object tracking

In Evoke 1.3.1, you can optimize system performance by specifying the number of threads used for object tracking from the Object Tracking section of the Processing panel.

Note that if Thread Count is set to 0 (the default), the thread count is calculated automatically.