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  1. Plug one end of your synchronized device cable into one of the Sync Output sockets on the rear of a Vicon Lock unit. (The following image shows the rear panel of a Lock+.)

    Image Modified
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the appropriate socket in your synchronized device.
  3. To manage the synchronization of your external devices, or to trigger your external devices based on Vantage system events, identify an appropriate GPO configuration file supplied with your Vicon application software, or create a GPO file of your own. For details on these, see Supplied synchronization configuration (GPO) files and Custom synchronization (GPO) files.
  4. In the Vicon application software, specify this GPO configuration file for your external device. For details on doing this, see your Vicon software documentation.

For details of these connectors, see the relevant Lock rear panel connectors.

For details of the synchronized device cable, see Extended Vicon Vantage system cables.