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  • Front (or forward) focus
    This is set by adjusting the focus ring at the front of the lens. This type of adjustment is typically made when initially configuring and subsequently checking your cameras for capture.
    This procedure is described in Adjust camera lens focus with front focus ring.
  • Back focus
    This is set by adjusting the position of the entire lens closer to or further away from the camera sensor along the axis of the lens. This sets the distance between the rear lens element and the sensor. This type of adjustment is required only to ensure that the lens focus ring matches what is actually in focus. Vicon makes this adjustment when initially setting the camera up.

    Image Modified Caution
    As back focusing is a delicate operation, it must be performed by qualified and experienced persons only. For this reason, if you require a change in the back focus of your cameras, please contact Vicon Support.

You can see the results in real time while you are focusing the camera by viewing the marker images in your Vicon application software.