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A Vicon Vantage system is a suite of networked Vantage motion capture cameras (which may include other compatible Vicon cameras), hardware devices (such as Vicon Vue video cameras (Vue or Bonita), and Vicon Lock for synchronization of third-party devices), and software applications, which provide real-time and offline digital-optical motion capture data. The motion capture data can be applied to life sciences, animation, and engineering applications.

Vicon Vantage systems are flexible, expandable, and easy to integrate into your working environment. You can combine Vantage motion capture cameras with other current Vicon camera ranges and supported third-party devices (such as force plates, EMG, analog and digital HD- and SD-compliant external video for genlocking and associated timecode sources) to create a system that meets your application requirements. This modular approach enables you to expand your Vicon Vantage system as needed.


Vicon Vantage cameras can also be added to MX T-Series–Giganet systems with or without Lock. However, note that if you are 're upgrading an existing MX T?-Series–Giganet system that requires VESA Stereo genlocking, a Lock unit is required; and if you need digital SDI genlock, a Lock Studio is required.

A Vicon Vantage system runs on its own dedicated network, rather than being integrated into a general communications network.

Note the following switch requirements:

  • Vantage cameras require PoE+ switches.
  • Vicon Lock units, and Vicon Vero
  • ,
  • and Vicon Vue
  • and Vicon Bonita
  • cameras require PoE+ or PoE switches.
  • Vicon Vantage host PC can use non-PoE, PoE, or PoE+ switches.
  • If the system includes any of the following, a Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ switch with a 10 GbE uplink is required:
    • Three or more PoE+ switches; or
    • Two or more PoE+ switches and a Lock; or
    • Two or more Vue video cameras

The following topics list the major components of Vicon Vantage systems and describe example Vantage systems, showing how you can put together such systems, including Vicon Vantage cameras, networking PoE+ switches, Vicon Vantage host PC, connecting cables, and application software, as well as supported external devices.