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  • Windows 10 and above only is supported. Ensure the latest Windows 10 updates are installed.
  • To use Vicon IMUs in Nexus, first plug the supplied Bluetooth® (BLE) dongle into the relevant Windows PC. Ensure that its drivers have been updated: you can do this using the Windows Device Manager.
  • To enable further setup and control of your IMUs after they are paired and recognized by Windows 10, you can download IMU Lightning desktop software. IMU Lightning enables you to see the status of IMUs outside of Nexus and is useful in certain troubleshooting situations.
  • IMUs have five collection modes: 100 Hz (9-axis), 250 Hz (6-axis), 500 Hz (6-axis), 500 Hz (9-axis), or 1000 Hz (3-axis). To accommodate the IMUs, ensure that your Vicon system is running at a compatible frame rate.
  • Nexus supports the use of up to four current Vicon IMUs.
  • You can transfer the data that is collected and stored on your IMUs onto your PC using the IMU Transfer pane in Nexus (see Transfer data from IMUs).
  • To enable transfers to work, ensure you have downloaded and installed the

    CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers