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If you're retargeting your fully calibrated subject onto a target FBX, you can now load the VSR and link it to your subject.

  1. To turn on retargeting in Shogun Live, with Advanced properties displayed in the Processing pane, go to the General section and set the Processing Output Level to Retargeting.
  2. In the Filenames field, select the required VSR file(s).
    Note that in paths in this field, back slashes are forward slashes.
    If you are working with multiple subjects, list the retargeting setup files (VSRs), separated with a comma.
    If you specify multiple VSRs, you need to specify the same number of matching subjects in the Names field.
  3. In the Names field, enter the name of the subject(s) that you want to retarget.
    If you are working with multiple subjects, separate their names with a comma.

    Image Added

    Your character is now retargeted in the 3D workspace.
  4. If you notice discrepancies between the retargeted character and the performer driving it, you will need to modify the retargeting.
    For more information on creating and linking retargets, see Retarget with Shogun Post.

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