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  • Minimize use of template objects; use unique objects whenever possible.
  • Avoid similar objects coming within the proximity threshold of multiple unique objects. The default distance is 1.5 m: to change this, see Set the proximity threshold.
  • Where possible, avoid objects with similar patterns entering the same proximity threshold.


The proximity threshold is the maximum distance between an object and another object that has both the same proximity group and a unique identity, within which objects can be labeled with their correct identity. The default proximity threshold is 1.5 m.

To set the identifying distance:

On the Process tab, in the Object Tracking section, set the required distance in millimeters, specifying a value that is appropriate for your environment.

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Set up the objects to be used in proximity grouping


The template objects are identified by their proximity to unique objects that share the same Proximity Group Name. For an object in a template group to be labeled correctly, it must be within a pre-defined distance (known as the proximity threshold) of a unique object in the proximity group. The default distance is 1.5 m; to change this, see Set the proximity threshold.