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Vantage+ compatibility

Shogun 1.5 supports the use of the Vantage+ firmware upgrade (Firmware 725 and later), enabling you to use High Speed mode with your Vantage cameras without having to change the field of view (FOV) or lens. When you capture optical data, subsampling (selectively reducing the pixel count) enables you to run at high camera frame rates without reducing the FOV (frame size). 

Previously, to run Vantage cameras at higher frame rates while maintaining their maximum resolution, windowing was used, which reduces the size of the FOV.

Now, in new High Speed mode, you can run your Vantage cameras at higher frames rates while maintaining the FOV. You can change frame rates during capture and you don't need to set up your cameras again when you increase the frame rate, as the FOV is unchanged.

Note that because the higher speeds are achieved through subsampling (removing some pixels from the frames), some reduction in resolution is incurred. For details, see High-speed mode in the Vicon Vantage Reference Guide.

To select high-speed mode:

  1. In Vicon Shogun Live, in the System panel, click in the Frame Rate list and set the system frame rate to the speed you want to use in High Speed mode.
    A warning may temporarily be displayed, alerting you to the discrepancy between the requested frame rate and the actual system frame rate, until you select high speed mode for all the relevant cameras, as explained next.
  2. In the System panel, select one or more cameras.
  3. In the camera properties below, ensure the Advanced properties are displayed and in the Optical Setup section, click the Sensor Mode menu and select High Speed.

    In the Cameras view pane, notice that the High Speed mode icon is displayed in the top left corner of the view, next to the other camera details .

Realtime video compression

You can now capture direct to .mov file format, using one of five preset quality settings, enabling you to balance the file size against the required quality.

To select .mov format for capture:

  1. In the System panel, ensure the relevant video camera is selected (both Vue and SDI are supported) and in the Capture section, click in the Container Format list and select MOV.
  2. To change the default quality setting, click in the Video Format list and select one of:
    • Lowest (lowest quality very small file)
    • Low (low quality, small file)
    • Medium (medium quality, medium size file)
    • High (high quality, large file)
    • Best (best quality, very large file)
    File sizes can be much smaller, depending on the chosen quality setting.
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Improvements to tracking tracking fast-moving props

  • Props are tracked without discontinuities, even fast-moving ones.


    For best results, choose a reasonably high frame rate (100–120 Hz ) and ensure the rate of dropped frames is minimal.

4 * 4K video playback

You can now use up to four SDI video cameras (including sound).

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Improvements to the System and Processing panels

The System panel has been improved for 1.5, making it more responsive and providing more helpful feedback, especially for large systems.

For more information about the status of your system components, hover the mouse pointer over the relevant icon.

The Processing panel now offers a search facility and other controls that determine the visibility of the component properties.

To use the search, display the Advanced properties and enter the first few letters of the property you want to find.

Occlusion fixing improvements to match Post

Real-time occlusion fixing in Live and occlusion fixing with Post now give the same results.

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Scrub timeline with middle mouse button

You can now scrub the timeline by holding down the middle mouse button in the same way that you can do this in Post. You can use this shortcut in both the 3D Scene view and the Cameras view.

You can adjust the behavior of the middle mouse button with options in the Preferences dialog box.

To change the settings for the middle mouse button or wheel:

  1. Open the Preferences dialog box (Shift-P).
  2. On the User tab, go to the General section and select/clear the required settings.
    Note that the effect of changing the Middle mouse button scrub sensitivity (or the Mouse wheel jog in frames) option is exponential and is the same as the equivalent setting in Post.

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Load subjects via .mcp file

For an easy way to quickly load subjects and props from an existing scene, you can now load an .mcp file directly into Shogun Live.

To quickly load subjects and props from an .mcp:

  1. At the top of the Tracking panel, click the Load tracking configuration button .
  2. From the Load Tracking Configuration dialog box, select or browse to the required .mcp file.
    The subjects and props are displayed in the Tracking panel as normal.