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If something is not quite right, try these quick tips to get things going again.

What’s in the box

I am missing some equipment
Some equipment appears damaged from shipment.


My hardware isn’t connecting to the computer.

  • Confirm that the IP address settings are correct following the instructions in Connect and configure the PC.
  • Check the network card settings, including Jumbo Packet (for details, see Configuring network card settings or Configuring and connecting the network ports in the PDF PC setup for Vicon systems).
  • Disable any firewall on the network card.
  • Confirm that the Ethernet cable is firmly seated.
  • Ensure you are an administrator on the computer.

Camera hardware

I don’t see an image from the camera.

  • Confirm that you've removed the lens cap.
  • Ensure that the aperture is not fully closed.
  • Confirm that the Strobe Intensity is high (best on full at 1) and that the Threshold is not too high (a good default is 0.2).

When I tap a calibrated camera to select it, the camera indicates that it has been bumped.

  • To change the sensitivity of the camera to taps, in the camera’s Properties pane, Settings section (Nexus and Tracker) or General section (Shogun Live), choose a lower Bump Sensitivity setting.

Calibrating cameras

After calibrating, image errors are very high.

  • Ensure that the camera aim and focus are correct, the camera properties are set appropriately, and that you covered the whole volume during your wand wave, then repeat the calibration.
  • Ensure Active Wand is selected in the Calibrate Cameras settings (Nexus and Tracker) or Camera Calibration tab (Shogun Live).