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The following table provides technical specifications and performance indicators for the V8 camera. Superscripted numbers indicate additional information provided in the V8 specification table notes.

Maximum frame rate (fps) at full resolution260 1
Maximum frame rate (fps) at partial scan2,000 1
Frame rates (fps)30–2,000
Sensor typeCMOS
Sensor resolution (pixels)3328 H x 2432 V
Number of pixels8,093,696
Pixel size4.5 microns x 4.5 microns
Physical sensor size (mm)14.8 mm (H) x 10.9 mm (V), 18.38 mm (Diagonal)
Optical format1"
Shutter typeGlobal shutter 2
Aspect ratio1:1

On camera processing:

256 shades and grayscale processingYes 3
Grayscale depth8-bit
Sub pixel resolution851,968 x 620,544 (1/256 pixel resolution)
On-board processors3 processors
On-camera maskingYes 4
In-camera dynamic large blob eliminatorYes 5
Software maskingYes
Auto maskingYes
On-camera thresholdingYes
Threshold grid size (tiles)208 x 152
Threshold grid tile dimensions (pixels)16 x 16
Camera output modes5 6
Full frame preview outputYes 7


Types available850 nm (Infrared (IR))
Number of LEDs22
Cover type availableSecondary optics (standard factory fit)
Strobe electronicsIntegrated, software reprogrammable and controlled
Adjustable illuminationYes
Adjustable levels1,000 (software controlled)
View angle (Set by secondary optics)70°
Camera housingComplex mold custom die-cast aluminum
Camera body dimensions166.2 mm (H) x 125 mm (W) x 134.1 mm (D)
Weight (including strobe, excluding lens)1.6 kg
Number of mount points2
Camera mount fixing bracketOptional

Camera architecture:

Software and firmware upgradableYes
Upgrade methodsThrough the Vicon application software. Firmware files can be placed on the Vicon Vantage host PC using any standard transmission method. The files are then uploaded from the Vicon Vantage host PC to the Vantage system hardware through the Reprogram Firmware option in the software.
ConnectorA single RJ-45 connector to the PoE+ switch
CablingCat5e (Gigabit Ethernet with power and sync over Ethernet)
Power supply48V, 24 Watts max
Conforms to IEEE 802.3at-2009 (25.5W) standard.
Maximum number of cameras supported per PoE+ switchSwitch-dependent (see Understand when additional PoE+ switches are required)
Lens type supportedRicoh Pentax 12.5 mm focal length
Plug and play compatibilityYes
Mixed camera system compatibilityInteroperable with all Vero, Vue, Bonita Optical and Video and all MX T-Series cameras
System connectivity/ communicationGigabit Ethernet
Communication status indicatorsYes
Camera number indicator / information displayYes
Camera status indicatorsOn camera and strobe unit and in software
Knock Detection indicatorYes
Tap for Select notificationYes
IP addressableYes
IP reconfigurableYes
CoolingAdvanced thermal design
Operating temperature:
Maximum temperature35°C 8
Minimum temperature-5°C 8
Environmental regulations:
RoHS compliantYes

V8 specification table notes

  1. Increased frame rates: Selecting a frame rate greater than full resolution automatically reduces image size by windowing. This keeps the pixel rate the same by transmitting a greater number of smaller images per second. You specify the capture frame rate of the Vantage cameras in the Vicon application software. Vantage cameras are capable of capturing up to a maximum of 2,000 fps, but the actual frame rate you can specify depends on the Vicon application software you are using. For details, see your Vicon software documentation. Above 120 fps the amount of light emitted per frame is linearly reduced. The light emitted per frame at 240 fps is half that output per frame at 120 fps. (The total strobed light output remains the same).
    With Vantage+ firmware, instead of (or in addition to) windowing, you can use high-speed mode, which uses subsampling to increase the frame rate without reducing the field of view, but with some reduction in resolution. For details, see High-speed mode and your Vicon software documentation.
  2. Shuttering: The global shutter overcomes the negative effects of using rolling shutters for motion capture.
  3. Full marker grayscale: Marker centers are calculated based on every pixel of grayscale available for the marker, not just the detected marker edges. An on-camera circularity test ensures merged or partially occluded markers which need high-level processing are sent in full grayscale to the Vicon Vantage host PC.
  4. On-camera masking: This removes areas of the sensor where undesirable static light sources are recorded, for example strobes from other cameras.
  5. Blob elimination: Camera firmware automatically removes undesirable image data including both large blobs (e.g. sunlight reflections) and/or an unusually large number of blobs.
  6. Output modes: Automatic (centers for circular markers, grayscale for overlapping/partially occluded markers), Centers Only, Grayscale Only, Centers/Grayscale, and Preview (the entire sensor image).
  7. Preview mode: The full image is lightly filtered, decimated and transmitted to the Vantage host at 30 fps. This reduces the quantity of preview video data to a level that can be transmitted over Gigabit Ethernet to the Vicon Vantage host PC. Only one camera at a time is allowed to be sent in Preview mode as it requires most of the system bandwidth to transmit this one signal.
  8. Operating temperature: While Vicon cameras may operate outside the given limits, these are the temperatures to which Vicon has tested the cameras. If the cameras are operated outside of these limits, image quality may be degraded, the external surface temperatures may exceed the relevant safety limits, and any failures are not covered under warranty.