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The Sync Output sockets on the rear panel of a Vicon Lock unit can output synchronization signals that can be used by supported third-party devices, such as reference video cameras. With this functionality, you can synchronize all Vicon Vantage and supported third-party devices in your Vicon Vantage system to the master system frame rate. Some third-party devices do not run at as high a speed as the Vicon optical cameras, so you can specify what fraction or multiple of the master frame rate will be used for connected devices. You can also use these output signals to trigger third-party devices based on Vantage system events.

To activate the synchronization output signals, you must specify a synchronization configuration file (GPO) in your Vicon application software. You will need to know what type of output signal your third-party device expects, so that you can activate the required signal type.

The following topics explain what you need to know to synchronize your external device with the Vicon Vantage system: