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You can remotely trigger the Vicon Vantage system to capture data based on input signals that a Vicon Lock unit receives from a supported third-party device that is connected to the Remote Start or Stop sockets.

Before you can remotely start or stop your Vantage system, you must first arm it for capture and activate the start/stop functionality in your Vicon application software. For details, see your Vicon application software documentation.

You must create your own cable to plug into the Remote Start or Stop sockets in the rear of a Vicon Lock unit, using RCA plugs. To activate the start or stop trigger, you must force the pin to the outer GND (that is, short circuit it) in the Remote Start or Stop socket. You can do this with a relay that you can connect to a photosensor, or wire to a foot pressure switch.

The following diagram illustrates how this relay would force the center pin to GND to send an input signal to the Vicon Lock unit to start or stop the capture. As illustrated, the Remote Start and Stop functions can be activated either by plugging in a standard TTL gate-to-ground signal or by using a simple mechanical switch, normally open, wired across the pin and ground of the RCA plug.

The following table shows the TTL settings to which your external switch must pull the Remote Start or Stop input pins in order to trigger the remote capture.

Input SignalTrigger Action
Remote StartRemote Stop
HighHighSignal held high until the pin in pulled to GND. This is also the default system setting when no device is connected.
LowHighRemote Start pin is pulled to GND and capture starts at next video frame.
HighLowRemote Stop pin is pulled to GND and capture stops at the next video frame.
LowLowUndefined (do not use).

For details on the circuitry involved and electrical specifications for the connector, contact Vicon Support.