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VESA Stereo is a way to synchronize displays with stereoscopic 3D glasses for visualization systems. For certain types of stereoscopic glasses, particularly those that synchronize using IR light, it is important to match the timing of the Vicon system to the 3D signal using the VESA Stereo In on the Lock unit.

Vicon Shogun 1.1.1, Vicon Nexus 2.2, Vicon Tracker 3.1 and later versions support this interface.

LCD shuttered glasses are used to view the stereo monitor with the aid of the VESA Stereo signal. This signal allows the image to be displayed in one eye while blanking the other eye on one frame. The selection is then reversed on the next frame. One combination is allowed when the signal is low and the other when high. This 'tricks' the brain into combining the two images from slightly different perspective points into one 3D image.

Vicon Lock units can genlock to this VESA Stereo signal, thus synchronizing the system. The VESA Stereo signal runs at half the frame rate of the monitor being used to view the image. Therefore a 60 fps VESA Stereo square wave allows 60 left-hand and 60 right-hand images per second and consequently genlocks the Vicon Lock to 120 fps. The Vicon Vantage camera can run at this fundamental frame rate or at higher harmonics such as 240 fps.

Lock units can synchronize to the fundamental frame rates of 50 and 60 fps and are controlled by the Vicon application software.