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After you have put together the Vicon Vantage hardware, you install, configure, and start your Vicon application software.

If you bought your Vicon Vantage host PC from Vicon, the software is installed. You do not need to install it again. You can check that the Vicon software folders and icons have been added to the standard locations on the Windows desktop or Start menu.

To set up the software:

  1. Run the downloaded Vicon application software installer.
    After your Vicon application software has been installed, program folders and icons are added to the standard Windows locations, according to the installation options you selected.
  2. Activate the software license. For information on how to do this, see the installation and licensing instructions supplied with your Vicon application software.
  3. On the Vicon Vantage host PC, configure the Vicon Vantage system IP address:
    • IP address:
    • Subnet mask:
    • Default gateway: Leave blank
    For detailed instructions on configuring your PC network card, including how to change the Jumbo Packet setting to its maximum value and other necessary steps, see Configuring network card settings on the Vicon website or the Vicon PDF PC setup for Vicon systems. If you are setting up dual network ports on your Vicon Vantage host PC (recommended if your system includes Vicon video cameras), see also Vicon Vantage host PC connectors.
  4. Start the Vicon application software.
    The application software splash screen is displayed.
  5. To start real-time streaming of data from the Vantage cameras, connect the Vicon application software to the Vantage system:
    • Shogun Live On the System tab, in the Cameras section, check that the cameras are connected (indicated by a cyan icon if not yet calibrated) and at the bottom of the Workspace, the displayed information (eg, Frames, Seconds) is updating.
    • Nexus and Tracker In the Resources pane, click the Go Live button. When the system is connected, the button label changes to Go Offline and the camera icon changes color.