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The following information describes how to integrate an MX Giganet unit into a Vicon Vantage system.

To integrate a T-Series system into a Vicon Vantage system without a Lock unit:

  • Connect one port of the primary PoE+ switch in the Vantage system into one of the Ethernet ports of the primary Giganet.
    In the following diagram, the primary PoE+ switch is connected to a Gigabit Ethernet port on the master Giganet.

The primary Giganet is the sync master and hence outputs the Vicon sync data (Ethernet sync and time stamping).

Data flows from the cameras, through their respective Giganets, through the primary Giganet to the host PC.

The Vicon sync packets travel in the opposite direction, with only accompanying light control data. This causes known deterministic switcher delay without jitter and possible packet loss. The Vantage PoE+ switch acts as a Giganet in this respect too.