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If you want to add VESA Stereo synchronization functionality to an MX T-Series system, you must add a Vicon Lock unit. You can also add further Vicon Vantage cameras at the same time.

In mixed systems of this type, the Lock unit is automatically made sync master by the Vicon software. Both analog data and Vicon sync travel in the same direction initially. This is not problematic as the Lock manages the analog data transfer and Vicon sync data. Because the Lock controls the system timing, it knows when to transmit the sync packet and therefore when it can transmit analog data outside of this period.

The Vantage Link to Giganet Link connection (shown in blue in the following diagram) is necessary to maintain correct Giganet synchronization to the Lock. Giganets and Lock units do not use Vicon sync packets for synchronization. All Link ports use a Vicon proprietary signal for synchronization. (The following image shows a Lock+.)

Except where noted, references to Vicon Lock, Lock units, and Lock apply to all current models of the Vicon Lock unit (at the time of publication, this includes Vicon Lock+, Vicon Lock Studio and Vicon Lock Lab).