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Connect the VESA Stereo signal from a video source, such as a graphics card, which supports this feature, to the VESA Stereo In connector. (The following image shows the rear panel of a Lock+.)

Using the VESA Stereo signal to genlock the Vicon Vantage system offers benefits such as enabling you to eliminate optical interference between illuminating sources, for example, Vicon camera strobes and third-party devices within the system.

You can use your Vicon application software to phase-shift the time when the camera strobes turn on for each frame, with respect to the incoming VESA Stereo signal. This enables the strobe to be turned on at a different time from that of other potentially interfering sources. For example, you could offset the synchronizing pulse used by IR LCD shuttered glasses, or the Vicon Apex hand-tracking tool. For information on how to do this, search for VESA Offset in the online help of your Vicon application software.

The Vicon Apex uses photodiodes to synchronize its own LEDs to those of the camera strobes. Systems that are free-running (not genlocked, as described above) have inherent problems with the interfering signal from the IR LCD shuttered glasses' sync illumination. This requires the Apex device to be set to Continuous illumination mode, which results in shorter battery life and dimmer illumination, with a shorter viewing distance.

If you genlock the system, you can set the Apex device to Strobe mode, enabling it to operate with a greater viewing distance.