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About this guide

This guide provides reference information and technical specifications for Vicon Valkyrie cameras.

It is intended for those who will be using Vicon Valkyrie cameras to track and analyze movement in a variety of locations and applications. No previous experience with Vicon Valkyrie systems is assumed.

In this guide:

About Vicon Valkyrie systems

Vicon Valkyrie systems can be used to track and analyze movement in a variety of locations and applications, including:

  • Life Sciences, in clinical and research laboratories, sports performance centers, universities and other institutions for gait analysis and rehabilitation; biomechanical research; posture, balance, and motor control; and animal science applications.
  • Animation, in visual effects houses and games companies for games, film and TV production, and education applications.
  • Engineering, in engineering companies for ergonomics and human factors, and simulation and visualization applications.

Vicon provides clear guidance through documentation and on-site user training prior to use of Valkyrie systems. Post-installation training, on-line and personal technical support including review of data to minimize usage errors and incorrect interpretations of results is also provided.  

Intended use of Vicon Valkyrie systems for Life Sciences applications

Intended purpose

Gait Analysis System for the collection of clinical information to aid in the understanding of gait and movement abnormalities, and assist in treatment and rehabilitation decision-making.

Intended users

Professional users such as clinical scientists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, physiatrists, human movement scientists, biomechanical and biomedical engineers, and supporting technicians.

Intended patient population

Patients with gait and movement disorders and patients who may require the fitting of a prosthesis.

Medical conditions to be monitored

Physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy and those caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury. Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Principles of operation

External markers are placed at specific required points on the upper and lower extremities and torso of the patient. These markers are then monitored by motion capture cameras as the patient walks along a straight, level pathway. The camera images are analyzed to quantify the movement of specific joints and body segments in three dimensions.

Vicon Valkyrie systems are not for use in an operating theatre, anesthetic gas or oxygen-rich environments. Not for use where there is a risk of compromising the general safety and performance of medical electrical equipment. Not suitable for use in high magnetic flux, ionizing radiation, sterile, or life- or safety-critical environments.