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Caution: To maintain IP65 protection for your Vicon Valkyrie cameras, ensure that if you remove IP65 cable caps (and/or lens covers), you replace them correctly, as described below.

Remove an IP65 cable cap

To remove the Ethernet cable from a Valkyrie camera, you must first remove the cable cap and seal. 

Hold the camera by its body, NOT by the lens.

Push inward on each of the segments around the edge of the outer cap until it loosens, then pull the cap gently backward along the cable.

Pull the seal backward along the cable.

You can now detach the RJ45 connector of the Ethernet cable from the back of the camera.

Replace an IP65 cable cap

If you remove an IP65 cable cap from a Valkyrie camera, to maintain the camera's IP65 rating, you must replace the cap correctly, as described in these steps.

Insert the RJ45 connector on the Ethernet cable into the port at the back of the Valkyrie camera.

Push the seal into place and ensure it sits flat within the circular recess around the connection.

Push the cap into place over the seal until the rounded clips on the edge of the cap clip into the groove in the metalwork.

Note that if the seal is not correctly fitted, you will not be able to clip the cap into position.