This information is for Vicon Unreal Plugin 1.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest Unreal plugin documentation.

Which versions are covered?
The following instructions cover the Unreal SteamVR plugin for Unreal Engine versions 4.25 and 4.26.

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Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure the following preconditions are met:

  • Shogun is installed on a capture PC.
  • Unreal Engine is installed on a game-ready PC.
  • The latest Unreal Engine plugin is installed on the game-ready PC.
  • The two PCs are connected via a network.
  • Vicon LiveLink Datastream Plugin is installed (see Install and set up the LiveLink plugin).
  • Vicon SteamVR Plugin is installed (see Install and set up the SteamVR plugin).
  • UE4 project open

Set up the Shogun prop

  1. In Shogun Live, using the Tracking panel, create a new rigid prop.
    Ensure that the prop's co-ordinate system is Y-up, Z-back. This is to match the SteamVR HMD orientation.
  2. Ensure that the object pose (root bone) is positioned correctly, located at the center of the eyes.

  3. Take note of the prop name.

To set up Live Link, use one of the methods described in Create a Live Link source.

Set up Fusion

  1. Follow the steps in Initialize Vicon Fusion.
  2. Ensure the Object Name field matches the Shogun prop name.

Check the animation at runtime

  1. Ensure that the Blueprint from the previous set exists within the current level.
  2. From the World Outliner, locate the Player Start asset.
  3. In the Details panel, set the Z location to the floor (usually 20 in the default map).

  4. Under Actor, locate Spawn Collision Handling Method.

  5. Set the dropdown to Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions.

    Unwanted collisions with other Actors (e.g. a character) can cause unintended behavior.

  6. In the Toolbar tab, locate the Play button.
  7. Click on the dropdown next to the button and select VR Preview.

    If this option is disabled, ensure that the VR headset is plugged in and the correct plugins have been set as described in Set up the plugin in the editor. You may need to restart the editor for this option to become available.

  8. Put on the HMD and ensure the data is correct.

Package the project

  1. Navigate to Edit > Project Settings.

  2. Navigate to Project > Description > Settings.

  3. Ensure Start In VR is enabled.

  4. Follow the steps in Packaging a project.
  5. Launch the executable.