This information is for Vicon Unreal Plugin 1.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest Unreal plugin documentation.

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Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure the following preconditions are met:

  • Shogun is installed on a capture PC.
  • Unreal Engine is installed on a game-ready PC.
  • The latest Unreal Engine plugin is installed on the game-ready PC.
  • The two PCs are connected via a network.
  • Vicon LiveLink Datastream Plugin is installed (see Install and set up the LiveLink plugin).
  • UE4 project open
  • Subject is wearing the correct marker set and is calibrated in the volume.
  • Prop has correct markers and is created in Shogun.

Set up Shogun

  1. Create a subject using the Live Subject calibration.
  2. Take note of the subject name.
  3. Create a prop using the Tracking panel.
  4. Take note of the name of the prop.

    The prop bone can be manipulated on Pause. This can be useful for aligning props to FBXs for UE4.

  5. Take note of the name of the root bone. By default, all props created in Shogun have a root bone named root.

To set up Live Link, use one of the methods described in Create a Live Link source.

Set up a character

For setup steps, see Create Animation Blueprint (body).

Set up a prop

Your method for setting up a prop depends on the version of Unreal Engine that you're using:

Check the animation at runtime

The animation is now streaming onto the character, as seen in the preview window. The next step is to check the animation is still streaming at runtime.

  1. On the toolbar at the top, click Play and observe the animation data streaming onto the character.

Package the project

  1. Follow the instructions in Packaging a project.
  2. Launch the executable.