This information is for Vicon Unreal Plugin 1.5. For up-to-date help, see the latest Unreal plugin documentation.

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Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure the following preconditions are met:

  • Shogun is installed on a capture PC.
  • SDI set up for output to Shogun and Unreal Engine
  • Unreal Engine is installed on a game-ready PC.
  • The latest Unreal Engine plugin is installed on the game-ready PC.
  • The two PCs are connected via a network.
  • Vicon LiveLink Datastream plugin is installed (see Install and set up the LiveLink plugin).
  • UE4 project open

Set up Shogun

  1. Create a prop using the Tracking panel.
  2. Take note of the name of the prop.

  3. Link the SDI and newly created prop using the Link Camera button in the Setup panel.

The prop bone can be manipulated on Pause. This can be useful for aligning props to FBXs for UE4.

Set up a cine camera

For setup steps, see Set up camera transforms and lens distortion.

Set up a prop

For setup steps, see Set up Prop/Object using Transform Role

Check the animation at runtime

The animation is now streaming onto the character, as seen in the preview window. The next step is to check the animation is still streaming at runtime.

  1. Select the asset and in the CG Foreground Layer, add the asset to it.
  2. Create a Composure Composite and add the prop to the foreground layer.
  3. View the composite to see the prop align with its real-world counterpart.