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Choose the correct project architecture

Unity projects that use the Vicon Unity plugin can only be built as 64-bit applications. When specifying the platform settings, ensure the correct architecture (x64) is selected, as shown in the following image:

Mesh culling

When you use full body characters with VR, the Unity software may automatically cull the mesh from certain angles.

To fix this, in the Inspector, go to the Skinned Mesh Renderer and select Update When Offscreen.

This option is resource-intensive, so do not use it for more than one character.

Use of Lightweight Segment Data

By default, the Vicon Datastream Client uses Lightweight Segment Data, if it is available on the server (eg, if you are using Evoke 1.1 or later). This is reported in the Console window. Note that if the server doesn't support Lightweight Segment Data (eg, if you are using a version of Evoke earlier than 1.1), it automatically uses non Lightweight Segment Data, which results in a significant increase in latency.