Before you begin, ensure that:

  • Shogun is installed on a capture PC.
  • Unity is installed on a game-ready PC.
  • The latest Unity plugin package has been downloaded.
  • The two PCs are connected via a network.

Complete these steps in order:

Create the HMD prop in Shogun

  1. In Shogun Live, create a prop from the reconstructions (Subject Calibration panel).

  2. In the view pane, set the origin of the prop to the central point of rotation of the HMD.

Start Unity and install the plugin

For initial setup, complete the steps in Install and set up the software.

Ensure you complete the steps for VR setup.

Set up the DataStream client

To connect the Vicon Datastream client to Shogun, using the correct port, complete the steps in Set up the ViconDataStream prefab.

Set up the HMD script

To prepare the HMD script, complete the steps in Set up the HMD script.

Play in VR

Having completed the above steps, you can now click Play.

  • At the top of the editor, click Play.

    The Camera automatically switches to being controlled by the VR headset.