This information is for Vicon Tracker 4.0. For up-to-date help, see the latest Tracker documentation.

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Live review can be thought of as a retrospective tool that enables you to examine recent past data that is no longer than the duration of the Pause Buffer Size (see Configure system processing parameters).

All data that you can access via Graph Plots (see Graphing your data) is available for review. The data that is available is determined by the duration of the Pause Buffer, an advanced property that is configured in the Processing panel (for details, see Live Review).

You can review live data for longer than the pause buffer, but you must add this data as an active channel in Graph Plots.

To review live data:

  1. Ensure that the Pause Buffer Size (see the Output section in Configure system processing parameters) and Live data range (see Live data range) are as required. All data exported during live review is displayed according to the Live data range.
  2. Pause live data. To do this either:
    • Press the space bar; or
    • On the right of the time bar, click Enter Review.
    Live data is paused and on the right of the time bar at the bottom of the Workspace buttons are displayed that enable you to move through the paused data. 
  3. Use the time bar controls to move through the paused data as required:
    • To play or stop the replay of the paused data, click the Play / Stop button  /  on the right of the time bar.
    • To view a particular part of the data, drag the slider along the time bar.
    • To move through the paused data one frame at a time, click the Previous Frame  or Next Frame  buttons, or press the A or S keys.
    • To replay continuously, click the Loop button .

3. To exit review mode, press the space bar again or click the Exit Review button to the right of the time bar.

When reviewing live data, you can save what is displayed in the Live data range or in the Pause Buffer by right-clicking on Exit Review and selecting Save live review data.